Bamboo Mini LED Grow Light Garden

Bamboo Mini LED Grow Light Garden

$ 169.00

    • Bamboo, galvanized steel, high output T5 LED, steel hardware
    • 22-1/2″ L x 11-1/2″ W x 17-1/2″ H
    • 11-1/2″ of space between tray and lights
    • Each bulb: 6400K; 1980 lm; 640 fc; 5W PAR; 25 μmol/s PPF; 108 μmol/(m2-s) PPFD
    • Assembly required
  • Important assembly information (video)
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive


Compact Grow Light Fits Practically Anywhere

  • Say yes to light-loving plants
  • Frees up window sills and brightens living areas
  • Perfect for first-time indoor gardeners!

Part of our popular Bamboo LED Grow Light family, this compact grow light fits on a countertop or work desk, under kitchen cabinets, or can be hung on a wall. High-output lights are twice as bright as standard LEDs, and twice as efficient as fluorescents. Supplies light-craving plants like herbs and succulents with all the light they need to flourish. Fits easily into a college dorm room, studio apartment, or any other setting where space is at a premium. Buy one for yourself, or treat a loved one to a unique housewarming, holiday, or birthday gift! For desk environments, get double the growing space by stacking a second unit on top. (Note: we do not recommend stacking these more than two high.)


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